Quintessential Consulting helps professionals and business owners make better decisions in their organisations/businesses as well as in their personal lives.

Andrea James founded Quintessential Consulting in 2010 and the company has evolved to focus its training and consulting services on decision making. Her academic background is in Clinical Science (Undergraduate), Financial Analysis (Masters) and Economics (Postgraduate Certificate) and she is continuing her studies in neuroscience, behavioural economics and cognitive psychology in order to better understand how we make decisions.

Andrea is continually studying and researching how we process decisions - how our biases, memory, perception of others etc - affect our choices every day. 

Her professional experience spans both public and private sectors and she has worked in a number of roles from risk analyst to operations manager. Her adventurous spirit and love of technology led her to (unsuccessfully) attempt to build a technology company. 

In her non-working hours, she is an avid reader (mostly non-fiction), a keen cook (an artifact from her time as a chef) and an enthusiastic participant of most sport, games and physical activities.   

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